Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rod MacKay

City Boy, 17, Given N.Y. Giant Contract
Rod MacKay Picked at Tryout Camp;
Assigned to Reno, Nevada, for 1949
A 17-year-old Vancouver boy, Rod MacKay, yesterday was handed a professional baseball contract by the New York Giants of the National League.
MacKay was given the contract at a Giant tryout camp at Olympia, Washington, by Mickey Schader, an official of the New York farm system.
“I brought the contract home, and I and my father will sign it this weekend, and send it to Mr. Schader Monday,” the young right-handed pitcher who plays for Westerns in the city senior league said today.
Under baseball law, parents or guardians must sign professional contracts for players as young as MacKay.
“I am to report to Santa Barbara, California, next spring," he said, “and I was told I will be assigned to Reno, Nevada, in a class ‘C’ league.”
MacKay was born in Vancouver and started his baseball at King Edward high on the junior and senior teams.
Last year he played for Mount Pleasant Lions, in the Junior Board of Trade League.
His father, Alex. MacKay of 562 West Nineteenth, sent him to tryout camp which ran three days this week. Jimmy Tough, manager of the Westerns, advised the MacKay family they should give Rod a chance at pro ball.
“I thought it was a baseball school,” said Rod. “When I got there, it turned out to be a tryout camp, with 60 fellows there. One other player besides myself was signed.
“The camp ran Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but yesterday Mr. Schader called me in, told me I didn't have to bother staying, as he'd seen enough and gave me the contract.”
He sent a note back with me to give to Bill Brenner, manager of the Capilanos, saying: ‘Polish MacKay up for me. Let him pitch batting practice.’
-Sun, Saturday, August 7, 1948

(Note—Rod eventually played for the W.I.L. Capilanos).

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