Monday, July 16, 2007

Post-Season Stuff

Dolph Camilli has decided against purchasing the Spokane club, but said that he was going to the minors’ convention in December “and see what I can find.” The former major league first baseman, who finished the season as Spokane manager and led the club to the Western International League pennant, also denied rumors that he might pilot Sacramention of the Coast league next year. Dolph revealed that his Mendociono (Calif.) ranch is up for sale and that he hopes to buy a ranch in the vicinity of Santa Rosa.
- TSN, Oct. 20, 1948

Replacing Jack Wilson, who has entered private business, Bill Beard, reserve catcher of the Salem Western International League Senators. He was with Salem in 1947. Beard had a trial with Washington in the spring of 1938 after leaving the University of Willamette, and played with numerous minor league clubs, except for three years in the service.
-TSN, Nov. 24, 1948

San Francisco of the Pacific Coast League purchased controlling interest in the Yakima Western International League club, November 18. Dave [sic] Soriano, one of the Seals' pitchers is slated to become president and general manager.
- TSN, Nov. 24, 1948

Joe Orengo, released as manager of the Sacramento (Pacific Coast) Solons on September 27, has been offered a position with the San Francisco Seals as director of their farm system. Joe recently entered a candy manufacturing business in partnership with his brother in San Francisco and the berth with the Seals would not interfere. The San Francisco club is building up a farm system. Yakima in the Western International was purchased recently, working agreements with Salt Lake City in the Pioneer and Clovis in the West Texas-New Mexico League are in effect and another affiliate is to be added. Orengo would have a year-round job, handling player personel for the farms and serving as general trouble shooter.
- TSN, Dec. 1, 1948
[“May” turned out to be correct. Orengo spent 1949 managing Yakima.]

Ownership troubles of the Spokane (Western International) club officially ended with the completion of the deal whereby Roy Hotchkiss, Spokane sportsman, purchased the interests of John (Buddy) Ryan and became co-owner with J. Lamar Butler of Los Angeles. Pending, however, is a settlement of a $252,000 insurance claim for destruction of the park last October. The extent of reconstruction depends on the amount received.
- TSN, Mar. 9, 1949

John (Buddy) Ryan, who recently sold his part interest in the Spokane (Western International) club, was fined $500 and player Eugene Petralli made a free agent by President George M. Trautman of the National Association in a contract irregularity, called to his attention by the youngster’s mother. It was charged and admitted by Ryan that the player was given $1,500 for signing on April 1 of last year and was to be paid 50 per cent of his sale price, none of which considerations appears on the filed contract. Ryan was made ineligible to return to Organized Ball until the $500 fine is paid and the Spokane club and any with which Ryan may be connected were forbidden to contract Petralli for three years. Pending expiration of a 30-day appeal period, other clubs are also forbidden to negotiate for the player’s services.
-TSN, March 23, 1949

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bremerton said...

amazing archive you provide here. i'm doing some research on the bremerton bluejackets, and would be interested in anything specific you could provide and possible links to surviving players. Also would like to check out their final 1948 figures, leading hitters, pitchers, etc. thanks.