Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mid-Season Attendance, Part Two

Term Attendance Report for W.I.L. “Misleading”
VANCOUVER, July 8-Officials of the Western International League today are disturbed by an attendance report issued by President Bob Abel.
The report, based on games played to July 1, has been described as “inaccurate” and “misleading” by officials of several teams in the circuit.
Bob Brown, general manager of the Vancouver Capilanos, said the attendance figures were correct as far as they went, but they needed some clarification.
“Abel led fans to believe the the W.I.L. was having a bad year,” said Brown. “We are almost 25 per cent ahead of our 1947 attendance. Abel merely gave the attendance to July 1 on a parallel basis with July 1, 1947.
“At that time in 1947 we had played for more games that this year, however.”
In 1947 at July 1, the Caps had drawn 53,114 customers for 34 games. This year the Caps have drawn 51,518 for only 28 games.
“I hardly think Abel's release of the figures is a fair indication of the trend of our league ... A little more work in getting the right information could have made the picture bright.”
Brown said that Salem had protested Abel's report, and it was indicated other officials had protested.

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